I owe a great deal of gratitude to Val McClements who inspired this idea. As a grade 10 ELA teacher, she asked for suggestions on how to make her Shakespeare unit more meaningful.

She had used Twitter before with her classes, and tried 'Fakebook' pages, but

nothing really seemed meaningful.

I suggested Google+.  Although I suspected it would work well, I never could have anticipated how successful it would be.

What we did
As our school's Google Apps Administrator, I was able to set up fictitious accounts for the characters in Julius Caesar.  The students then 'acted' as the characters via Google+.  This gave students the opportunity to truly experience the play from their character's point of view.  

See the video and presentation to the right for more details.

Note:  we've also done something similar for a French Revolution project in Social Studies with historic figures such as King Louis and Marie Antoinette, along with generic characters such as peasants, noblemen etc. 

Presentation: Julius Caesar Google+

Here's the presentation that
Val and I gave at the California GAFE Summit 2013